Abortion: Pro Choice AND Pro Life

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Abortion is becoming an increasingly important concern in today’s world; so much so that even political victories are hinged on a leader’s stance on the topic.

Well here’s what I think about the whole issue. I’m both pro life and pro choice. Contradictory right? Not really.

I believe once a woman becomes pregnant and has another living being inside her body, unless her life is threatened by going through pregnancy and giving birth, she has a responsibility to bring this child into the world. She had the right to CHOOSE to have sex and she had the right to CHOOSE to use protection. That’s where I believe the choosing process ends. Don’t take another’s life without their consent; unless your life is threatened and even then, some women still take the risk and allow the child an opportunity to live.

If you know you are not prepared to deal with the repercussions of your actions and the possible biproducts of a few minutes of pleasure, then don’t engage in the act. Every child that is conceived has the potential to become someone great and contribute to the development of society. Why is it okay to deprive this unborn child of his or her potential? If you can’t raise the child for whatever reason, be it financial or otherwise, then give the child up for adoption. You have been blessed with the ability to bear a child; not everyone is as fortunate. Give the child up for adoption and help make someone, who is willing and able to raise the child, happy. Be a blessing to someone instead of taking away a potential blessing from the world.

Another issue that concerns me as far as abortion goes, is the age of the females that are doing it. More often than not, abortions are carried out by very young females who are still in school, sometimes REPEATEDLY. What ever happened to learning from your mistake?? Why are you even having unprotected sex? When you become pregnant, YOU are the one that will have to face a bigger portion of the consequences. YOU are the one that will be forced to grow up before your time, to make a responsible decision, raise a child and drop out of school, at least temporarily. The guy can continue on with his life with ease. That is why it saddens me when women are willing to place themselves at risk for not only pregnancy, but sexually transmitted diseases, for guys who will face little or no repercussions.

Ladies BE RESPONSIBLE!!! I am all pro choice… It’s your bodies and you have the right to CHOOSE how you engage in sexual activities BUT once another life becomes a part of the equation, let your CHOICE be based on the life of the unborn child inside you.