The Communication Age

The Oxford dictionary defines communication as social contact or the successfulconveying or sharing of ideas and feelings.

No wonder we’re said to be living in the communication age! Everybody’s ALWAYS communicating in some form or another…Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google +… social networks all round. BBM, MSN & Yahoo Messenger… you name it!!
So, what is it about the communication age that has everyone talking?
Show me your Facebook page and I’ll tell you who you are
Making a good first impression doesn’t mean as much as your Facebook page these days. What you choose as your profile picture, photos you get tagged in, your choice of status updates and how you present yourself on these social networking sites is VERY important.
Not only does it present a sense of who you are socially, but if you are not careful, you may miss that opportunity for a promotion or new job. Many employers use this route as a means of evaluation, even moreso than your long list of references in your CV. So, if you want to make a good impression, your best marketing tool right now is your Facebook page, (or your preferred social network).
It’s a small world
Gone are the days when meeting a friend was limited to your coworkers, schoolmates or people in your neighbourhood. Now with just a click you can “friend” ANYONE from absolutely ANYWHERE in the world!!
As a result, social circles keep expanding and intertwining, showing just how miniscule the world really is.
Let’s learn another language
Wth? U dunno wat the new language on the block is? Omg you must be living under a rock. Idk who in this day and age doesn’t know the latest chat lingo phrases. If you don’t, you need to get with the programme! Lol.
Anywho, not only have these abbreviated phrases been drafted into our social lingo, but coined words like “unfriend” have even earned a place in the dictionary.
The communication paradox
In the world of text messages and email, I can hardly imagine how ideas and even moreseo feelings can be successfully conveyed without the necessary attachment of non-verbal communication. Everyone’s in a hurry to “communicate” so much so that messages are often rushed and not much thought is given to the information we are sending out.
As for social contact, that has been swept away by the storm of the communication age.
Take a look at this:
This is an all too familiar scene.

In an attempt to stay in touch, we have essentially lost touch. We no longer know how to relate to each other on a personal level. Face to face interaction has been replaced with Skype and Oovoo. Socialization has been replaced by Social networks. Feelings and emotions have been reduced to acronyms and emoticons.
So much for communication!