Sexual Predator

sad child

With his eyes he undressed me
With his smile he reeled me in
With his wide open arms like those of the father I never really knew… he holds me
With his authoritative glare
He captures me in fear
Fear of breaking the silence
The silence that hangs heavy between us both
As he tries to get beneath my clothes
The silence that hangs as he reveals his fangs
Behind closed doors… the silence
The silence as I watch my innocence swept from beneath my feet
The silence as I silently scream beneath the sheets
The silence that reveals the pain I feel
The silence of the scars that are yet to heal
The silence of the day my childhood died.
The silence of the day I lost my pride.
My sexual predator
I’m the apple of his eye
He buys me candy to make me smile
Though deep inside my eyes he sees the tears he’s made me cry
He sees the question Why… Why… Why?
Why did I have to be the one you chose?
Why did I have to be ripped from my clothes every time the door closed?
Why did the rules always change whenever we played hide and go seek?
Why did you have to steal my first kiss and my childhood bliss?
Why have you left me with the look in your eyes embedded in my mind?
Why did I become your prey?
Are you that weak that those are the battles you seek?
Is it the feeling that you get when I look to you to heal the bruises you just left?
Or is it the thrill of never being caught…
As I sit in the silence and silently allow you to have your way…trying to understand the lessons I’m being taught?
My Sexual Predator…. Where are you today?
Hidden behind some closed-door… probing beneath another young girl’s skirt?
Probing her til it hurts.
Not just physically but emotionally.
You’ve robbed her of the capacity to love… and be loved.
Because all she’s done is build up walls and close doors
Doors for others just like you to open
And walls, like the silence, that may never be broken.