Bookworm Benefits

If you’re not an avid reader you may not see the sense in perusing the pages of the books in my list but I’m here to tell you that reading has many benefits!!!
  • Sky high Smarts: Without a doubt you’ll notice improvements in this area… from a higher GPA to a wider vocabulary or even just increased general knowledge!!! Reading is a mental exercise and as such it leads to a “fit mind”. While reading, the grey cells in your brain are actively engaged and as such your intelligence level peaks. Imagine how reading could improve your chances at a job interview, or making a good first impression with that guy or girl you’ve just met!
  • World Travel: Would you like to travel the world without the hustle and bustle of packing and long (and sometimes delayed) flights? Well, look no further… A collection of good books is your all expense paid ticket to a trip around the world!! You can experience underwater wonders, climb to the world’s highest peaks, savour the flavours of unique cuisines, learn new languages all just through reading books!!!
  • Relaxation: In the world of Blackberry, Facebook and Twitter and the fast pace of work, school and home there is hardly ever any “me time” or time to simply relax and be still. Nothing slows you down more than taking time to enjoy a good book. While reading your imagination is free to run wild and as you get wrapped up in your mind’s adventure you block out the world around you and get some time to relax!! Reading is almost as good as a day at the spa… Try it.
  • Improved memory: Besides being smarter, you will experience superb memory boost. No more forgetting where you left your keys or misplacing your favourite pair of shoes. No more forgetting your significant other’s birthday or worse yet, your anniversary or the day you first met. Imagine being in an exam and not remembering something you just studied the night before. Ouch! That could really suck!!! So make reading a habit… Not just something you do the night before an exam or only when you have a document to prepare at work.
  • Cutting edge Creativity: You will find that reading widely will expose you to a vast array of concepts, subject areas and writing styles, helping to expand your thinking beyond the box. You will find that creativity is something that comes much more naturally!

So get started reading today… RIGHT NOW!! What are you waiting for?