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Where Will You Be Five Years From Today? – Dan Zadra
My most recent read, didn’t actually turn out to be much of a read, but more of a writing exercise. In Dan Zadra’s book, listed above, the reader gets the chance to create their own story of sorts. You get to illustrate both graphically and in words the map of your life for the next five years. I REALLY enjoyed the book.
Most books of its kind tend to dictate to you where your life should be regardless of your surrounding circumstances, creating an image of success as if success comes in a one-size-fits-all package. Unlike its counterparts, Zadra’s book sends you on a reflective journey of self-discovery and provides you with the tools necessary to paint your own picture of success. The book is also punctuated with a myriad of inspirational quotes and facts that keep you wanting more and that infiltrate you with the drive needed to achieve your goals.
After completing your custom-made five-year plan, you can enjoy the benefit of reviewing and revising your plan, instead of moping over a list of to-do’s and “don’t-do’s” etched in stone by some author you’ve never met. I’d really recommend everyone get a copy of this book/journal. It’s an amazing read and an even more amazing experience.
I give this one FIVE STARS.
Get a copy!!