My Top 5 Relationship Lessons

I don’t have that much relationship experience but from the few experiences I’ve had these are the top lessons I’ve learnt:

  1. Make better choices. Sometimes it IS okay to judge a book by its cover and try to make a first impression analysis of people when you meet them because that initial meeting will be your most unbiased encounter with the person. You won’t judge them too harshly because you have not yet had any run-ins with them (well hopefully) and you won’t feel obligated to go easy on them because you have no emotional attachments. Use this time wisely to make an assessment of the person, especially a physical analysis. Are they sloppy? Are they well-groomed and clean? You’d be surprised to know some of the things you’ll notice in the first few minutes of meeting someone that later in your relationship may either become magnified or minimized based on the emotional attachments you’ve made to this person.
  2. Never love too hard — always leave room for disappointment. It will save you a LOT of trouble and spare you from heartbreak. The only thing you’ll lose from not going into a relationship high on cloud naive is having a wholehearted love affair… which I think absolutely nothing can compare to. But for your long-run benefit it’s best to hold back a little and “prepare for the worst”. Not in a negative way but in a practical way … because whether you like it or not at some point in a relationship you will be disappointed, whether the person hurts you intentionally or not… you WILL be disappointed. Be prepared to forgive and handle disappointing situations with maturity…Easier said than done sometimes.
  3. Learn to separate love and lust. Not every interaction with the opposite sex that becomes sexually intimate is akin to love. Sometimes it’s just lust. Learn to separate the two and never mistake one for the other. They’re not the same.
  4. Learn to date!! For crying out loud… young people have this idea in their heads that you meet someone, hook up and call it a relationship. What happens when you meet someone shortly after that sparks your interest? You either pass on the option for sake of remaining “faithful”or you “cheat” whereas if you give yourself room to explore you get to learn a lot more about yourself and your preferences and well… you get to choose the best of what’s available to you. Why rush?
  5. Learn to love after being hurt. This is the biggest lesson I’ve had to learn. I’ve been hurt immensely and it took me forever to heal but once I did and opened my heart to new prospects…. I’ve come to have a wonderful experience…with no regrets