Simply Mom

This poem is dedicated to my Mom who passed on after losing her battle with Cancer

Stronger than a lioness in that tiny little frame
Jasmine was her name
To me she was simply “Mom”
She taugh me all she knew
Like how to live and how to love
How to be determined and never give up
Simply Mom
Stopping at nothing to make me happy
She made ends meet, often miraculously
Simply Mom
Disciplinarian – firm yet gentle
She guided me down all the right paths
Making sure I never got lost
Simply Mom
Even with the weight of the world upon her shoulders
She never complained
But rather endured to the very end
Simply Mom
I wish I hadn’t lost you so soon
There’s so much more we had to go through
But God knows best
You needed your rest
So I’ll try my best to carry on without you
Yet holding you dear and close to my heart
We’ll never really part.

I love you!