The Other Woman

Infidelity is a common occurrence in relationships, generally on the part of the male thus resulting in a typical love triangle involving “the other woman”

So, who exactly is “the other woman”? She takes several forms but, I’ll just highlight three:

1) A mere figment of the jealous girlfriend’s or wife’s imagination

Once jealousy becomes an ingredient in the recipe of your relationship, it’s doomed. Women thrive on what we call “intuition” and if you’re a jealous spouse you’ll have a million and one “hunches” that something’s up and your man is just a little too friendly with that chic named Bernice down the street. Jealousy develops for several reasons, mainly insecurity and a lack of trust. So, instead of making up “the other woman”, work on those two areas in your relationship. Develop an environment suited for open communication and allow your hubby to feel it’s okay to tell you every and anything and sooner or later you’ll realize maybe there isn’t really another woman… Think about it.

2) The former love

Sometimes relationships don’t work out today but tomorrow you happen to meet up on an exor a past potential relationship or friendship that didn’t blossom to its full potential and it ends up working out [very rare!! but possible].

3) The comforter

When the relationship starts to take some uncertain turns, believe it or not, men tend to become a little more emotional than we give them credit for. It’s in these moments that they go searching for that listening ear or that shoulder to lean on… just someone they can vent their pent up emotions to. This is where “the other woman” usually comes in. He doesn’t set out to start something serious with her… she’s just a convenient stop to make on the way from work or on the weekend when he’s left to “go chill with his boys”, just to clear his head and get some things into perspective…. and maybe even let off a little sexual steam. As I said, there’s never usually any intent to become attached but sometimes attachments develop and this is when things get a little complicated. Now he’s torn between this woman who doesn’t bicker, she listens more than she talks and she makes him able to relax and just vent. While on the other hand is the woman he loves and cares about who has now started to bicker, and talks more than she listens and hence makes it hard for him to relax…. you get where I’m going with this.

Anywho things could take one of two paths at this point:
i) The other woman could start to become really attached and start to feel like she’s in a relationship and hence start to demand more of the guy… which isn’t what he bargained for leading to the end result of the other woman being kicked to the curb (as she should).

ii) The girlfriend or wife may become aware and leave or become overbearing because she can tell someone else is in the equation and this could drive her man away…. or some other series of events that could ultimately lead to him leaving.

In any case, none of these tends to lead to a commitment to “the other woman” because If you allow yourself to be placed in that bracket you should never expect to be treated as anything else… It WON’T happen!! So, raise the bar!!