The Power of the Pum-Pum

Pardon my french but…. this is a serious topic.

I’ve come to the realization that there IS really power in the “pum-pum”…. Ok I wont use the word throughout the post as I actually find it a pretty demeaning term so let me rephrase, the vagina is a very valuable part of the female anatomy which ought to be respected and revered.

In our world today, sex and sexuality are pervasive. Society has been overtaken by sexuality so much that persons have now turned to alternative lifestyles aka homosexuality. Advertisements about beverages and household items, anything you can think of, are flooded with sexual connotations, moreso with portrayals of half-naked (or half-dressed) females. Our world is infiltrated with sex.

This is a reality which saddens me because I believe sex, which is part of the reason we were created (to procreate), has been diminished to a meaningless act of simple pleasure. Gone are the days when virginty was valued. Gone are the days when people only engaged in sexual activity within the confines of marriage. Say this in today’s society and take note of the myriad of facial expressions and comments you’ll receive. People will stare you down like you’re from another planet.

As a result of the degradation of society’s values and the normalcy and tolerance of fornication today, the power of the pum-pum has been diminished; (yes I said it again, my bad). Women no longer respect their bodies or themselves enough to keep this part of their body sacred. Instead they have in a sense reduced their entire being to this single organ in some cases. They dress in suggestive clothing and with little or no coaxing whatsoever, men can land them in bed by the end of the night. Now I fully understand the intial temptation, everybody wants pleasure, sexual pleasure to be exact. But, what I can’t understand is, how do women after having been with one man, go again and have sex with several men casually without feeling devalued in any way?

Women have began to take the phrase “the power of the pum-pum” to mean that is all the power they have and they ought to use it when in fact this is not so. Women need to realize that there is more power in withholding the pum-pum than there is in surrendering it. A man can’t reach that part of your body with ease (there is a reason God put it where it is!!!). So, unless you give it up, or God forbid you get raped, then it will remain inaccessible until you CHOOSE to share that part of your body with someone else. So okay, here I go throwing the word choose into the mix. So I’m sure you’re thinking well women should be free to choose to share their bodies with Tom Dick and Harry right? And you are right, sadly I can’t say otherwise because we were all given free-will. What I am saying however, is that women should choose to exercise the right to also NOT share their bodies with every testosterone-filled creature that passes their way. Men don’t value women because of sex or sexual pleasure. Despite all the bad rap men receive about being dogs etc., men actually desire, admire and respect women for much more than sex. Sex is just a plus and quite frankly if it’s being given out freely then why trash men for taking it when it comes their way??? Who doesn’t like freebies???

I was once told by a young man that vaginas come a dime a dozen. These words have been etched into my mind ever since and has made me realize the type of value that is generally placed on this part of a woman’s body, solely through the devaluation of it by women themselves. Nothing is wrong with sexual pleasure, it’s only wrong when engaged in loosely. Women (& MEN!) need to wait until marriage to engage in the act. It’s worth the wait. Learn to value yourself and learn to keep your legs closed!! A man will only pursue you long-term if he’s interested in what you have to offer besides what’s between your legs. Get a personality and some self-respect. Tap into the power of the pum pum by waiting til the time is right.