Today’s To-Do List

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Here’s my list of suggestions for your To-Do list today:

  1. The Naked Truth: Get yourself a full-length mirror and some post-its if you don’t already have them and strip naked… Yes I said it, NAKED. Just make sure the blinds are closed lol. As you look at your reflection write what you think about each part of your body and stick it on the mirror (both likes and dislikes). After this, challenge yourself throughout the week to only think about the things you like about each part of your body then repeat the exercise at the end of the week and see how your opinion changes. Hopefully it will be for the better. 🙂 
  2. Talent Search: Try to discover a new talent that you never thought you had… like singing, drawing etc. Who knows, you may surprise yourself or it could just be a fun experience. 
  3. Tongue twister: Learn a phrase or inspirational quote in a new language that you’ve never studied. You never know when it may come in handy.. maybe even in a job interview. Hello, World!  In Several Languages Clip Art
  4. Transform Your Space: Look around your house or apartment and think of something that could add beauty to your space, a plant, some flowers, new place mats… and go out and get them. Nothing beats coming home to a space that looks like home sweet home. 
  5. Treat Yourself: Is it your birthday? Doesn’t have to be… treat yourself to some time to relax or order yourself some flowers. Who said it had to be your birthday for you to feel special?