Life and Purpose

During my morning prayer recently I prayed “Thank you Lord for waking me up to see another day..” and then proceeded to run through my to-do list. This made me realize how routine that statement of gratitude was and how potentially meaningless it was becoming. It was almost a natural reflex without thought. I proceeded to ask God to forgive me for my rushed prayer which basically turned into a ramble about my plans for the day and asking God to take me through it all. I proceeded to acknowledge what waking up really meant; it really meant God had a purpose for my day. It simply meant that God had a to-do list that He wished to run through and that list was way more important than mine. If God hadn’t had a list for my day, I wouldn’t have seen that day in the first place.

So, essentially with life there is purpose. God gives us life with each passing day in order to enable us to fulfill a prescribed purpose, according to His will. Instead of praying to God to help you make it through your checklist, pray instead a simple “Let Your will be done, Lord. Amen”. Image

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Life and Purpose.