Pressing Against the Pressure| Freshly Pressed

I remember my first piece I posted online, it was a poem on MSN spaces. I got the inspiration and sat down and just typed. My first draft was my final piece and I was proud of it. I remember feeling even more proud when I got feedback from a complete stranger who felt the need to print my poem and hang it in her room. I was blown away by the thought that a piece I typed up in minutes could influence someone half way across the globe. That gave me the impetus to continue posting online. It fueled a fire within me and I’ve been posting ever since.

My desire to write however, started from an early age… from as early as kindergarten. I used to be told my sentences were interesting and a notch above the “I am a girl” or “I like pink” level. My sentences showed imagination and depth. I remember writing numerous stories about “my day at the beach”, never even having been to the beach before. The descriptions were quite vivid and sent me on a trip in my own mind. This depth of imagination I believe, came from being taught by my mother who was a teacher and from my love affair with reading. I also remember my first makeshift ‘novel’ I attempted to write when I was about ten years old. I spent hours writing about the life of a family of two girls and a boy and their many adventures. My grand uncle beamed at how impressive my story was at that tender age and boosted my confidence in my writing abilities. Let’s just say I hit the ground running since then.

My most recent attempt at blogging has been a bit of a damper however, I started out on another site before I switched to wordpress and I must say I love the switch. On the previous site (which shall remain unnamed), I got absolutely no feedback on my work and felt pretty much like I was just speaking in a vacuum with no audience. When I came to wordpress and got my first set of comments and likes that set me off on a writing spree. When I discovered the possibilities of being “freshly pressed” that gave me an even greater drive to write!! But, that drive has also been my demise as I started writing for all the wrong reasons.


I started trying to formulate catchy eye-grabbing titles and attempting pieces that weren’t written from inspiration but merely from a need to be noticed. I lost my love for the art of writing and it started to become somewhat of a chore. I lost the passion. I realize that my love for writing before was innate. All my pieces that have gotten rave reviews have been ‘inspired’ pieces that came from a mere need to express myself creatively rather than from a need to be noticed. The concept of being “freshly pressed” isn’t a bad idea here at wordpress, don’t get me wrong but the feeling of being pressured to write to please isn’t good. I believe it steals the joy of those beautiful moments spent crafting an idea only to be missed from the selection because you didn’t have a catchy title or an attention-grabbing first line. Why write to be judged based on subjectivity and chance? What are the odds that your piece will be selected from thousands, maybe even millions? What are the odds? Instead, write because you love it. Write for the same reason you decided to start blogging in the first place. Write about the things you care about. Draw inspiration from your daily life. Just write and press against the pressure to be “freshly pressed”.

Happy Blogging! 🙂