Sitting in the Back Seat of the Rainbow Coloured Bus

I saw this video recently and shared it with a lesbian I know just to get her views on the issue:

My first reaction was…. what exactly are Christians supposed to do in relation to this fight for equal rights within the gay community? What is our role? What is our responsibility? Are we supposed to speak up or sit quietly in the back seat of the proverbial Rainbow Coloured Bus?

I can’t help but feel confused about the issue based on the response I get every time I try to engage anyone of the aforementioned sexual orientation in peaceful dialogue. It may never get physical like the confrontation seen in the video but I can honestly say I most certainly ALWAYS feel attacked, or like I’m doing something wrong. Am I?

Is it wrong for me to speak out about the issue and feel the need to fight for my own rights that seem like they’re being slowly swept from beneath my feet? Is it wrong for a Christian to disagree with a homosexual on whether being gay is “right”? Is it wrong for me to identify homosexuality as a sin? Is it? I seem to always be told yes.

The first punch that always seems to be thrown is, “Do not judge me because I sin differently”. However, is it really being judgmental when Christians speak out against sexual immorality, be it fornication or homosexuality? I mean you don’t see fornicators in an uproar about being judged, do you? I believe the reason homosexuality seems to be given special attention or seem to be highlighted more or treated differently by the church is as a result of the stance taken by homosexuals. Homosexuals believe that being gay is “okay” and “right” and wish for their sin to be treated as such, when really it shouldn’t be. Do I believe they should be violently attacked or ostracized? Of course not, I believe we are ALL sinners and no sin is any different in the eyes of God, and each and every sin comes with its own set of consequences.

However, as Christians, the minute we seek to highlight or speak of the consequences that come along with homosexuality we are automatically labelled as homophobic, religious fanatics, extremists and close-minded bigots. Now really, is this fair? The homosexual community seeks a certain level of tolerance, they preach that theirs is a stance of love and that everyone should be able to love whoever they please etc and yet, they are not willing to issue or give out the same level of tolerance they seek. Why should a person who, out of love, tries to minister to you about the goodness of God and about the gift of forgiveness through repentance be labeled with all those names? Is that the type of ‘tolerance’ being sought by the gay community?

Now as far as rights are concerned, if there are any rights that are afforded to every human being that is being withheld from homosexuals then I am all for them being afforded these rights. I believe religion and state should be separate. However, in doing so, there needs to be precautionary measures taken to ensure, that in being fair at a state level that no unfairness is being levied on a religious level.

Let’s take for example the institution of gay marriage. This goes entirely against the Christian designation of marriage. Why does marriage have to be redefined to suit the gay community without the Church being able to speak up for their own rights in protecting an age-old practice of heterosexual marriage. Wasn’t it at all possible to allow gay couples their rights without interfering with the constitution of marriage? Besides, the act of having a marriage ceremony is religious. The act of marriage itself may have other historical roots but the ceremony is a religious practice.

Additionally, let’s take a look at the education system. Why should a heterosexual couple be forced to send their child to a religious school, just because they do not wish for their child to learn about homosexuality as being an alternate form of a family. What if that heterosexual couple isn’t religious? Isn’t there some level of discrimination developing here? Isn’t that the same thing that everyone is trying to avoid? But somehow it seems like it’s just changing hands. I believe if a couple chooses to be homosexual they should be free to do so but at the same time heterosexuals should not be forced to embrace the act as “right” or “okay” if it goes against their belief. Establishing homosexuality as part of the school curriculum will lead to the latter taking place. The common defense is that homosexuality is a result of nature and not nurture and that exposure to homosexuality cannot lead to a person choosing to lead that lifestyle. I disagree. I have met individuals who have testified about their lives and how their lives led them into a life of homosexuality. We should never underestimate the influence of a person’s environment on their lifestyle choice.

So, in the end my question is whose rights are really being protected in this fight for equal rights for homosexuals? Everyone’s rights or just those of the homosexual community?

Will Chrisitans now have to take a back seat on the proverbial Rainbow Coloured Bus?

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Sitting in the Back Seat of the Rainbow Coloured Bus.