Have you ever wished you could find a list of all the do’s and don’ts in dealing with people. Do you wish to master the art of being a social butterfly? Well believe it or not, the steps to mastering your interpersonal skills might very well be right in front of you and you haven’t even realized. Let’s take a look at honey gatherers or honey farmers for example. Have you ever observed how calmly they harvest honey while a swarm of bees are buzzing seemingly undisturbed about their heads? I can’t even sit still for a second if I hear a mosquito or see a fly, so their calmness in the midst of the buzzing swarm is something that has always impressed me, and puzzled me in fact.

So, what’s the mystery to this art of honey gathering and how can this help you improve your social skills? Well, let’s delve in a bit….


Abejita (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Honey gathering is an ancient practice that dates all the way back to about 8000 BC. The bees produce honey in surplus and we’re able to remove it and process it for our own use. The secret to doing this successfully is ensuring that the bees aren’t agitated. It’s simple, really… If the bees are agitated during the removal process, although they may not have any need for the surplus honey, you can rest assured that you will come away from the hive empty-handed as the bees will put up their best defense.

The same concept may be applied when dealing with people. If we wish to get the best of people we have to remain on their good side. We have to ensure that we do nothing to agitate or aggravate them or cause them to put up a defense. How can this be accomplished? Simple… NEVER criticize. Criticism generates an automatic defensive response. Someone attempts to tear you down and your automatic response is to defend yourself and to defend your reputation. No one ever really thinks they’re wrong. We always think what we’re doing (in the moment) is the right thing to do, or even if we know it’s wrong we believe it can be justified and as such we do just that — we justify and we rationalize in the face of criticism.

Instead of criticizing and agitating others, let’s do what the bee gatherers do — let’s keep persons in a calm and subdued manner by resisting the urge to criticize and take great care in ensuring that we don’t kick over the proverbial beehive in our daily interactions with others.

Let’s gather honey 🙂