Uncommitted Love

Never letting go … and never letting her go

But never quite holding on

Uncommitted love

He gives her butterflies as she gazes in his eyes

She loves the way he grips her tight and the way he leaves her mesmerized

Uncommitted love

She’s in love with the concept of being in love

In love with the thought of being his one

His only

Uncommitted love

She makes love to him with her heart, soul and mind

She gives him all her time

Getting nothing in return

But brief moments shared

But empty promises

But false hope

Uncommitted love

He woos her and charms her and fills her ears with the tune of forever

Feeding her fantasy

Giving her ecstasy… uncommitted lovemaking

They dwell in fifty shades of grey

Nothing in black and white to say

Where they’re headed

Nor what the future holds

But he holds her in the vice grip of maybe forever

But he holds her under the pretence of maybe together

All the while just being friends

With benefits…

Uncommitted love

The benefits of the friendship come and go at will

All the while benefitting him still

As she subconsciously holds out for maybe some day

With nothing in black and white to say

When he’ll go or if he’ll stay…

Uncommitted love.